Saturday, July 14, 2018

What Jesus Would Say by Lee Strobel

What Would Jesus Say To:
Rush Limbaugh
Bill Clinton
Michael Jordan
Bart Simpson
Donald Trump
Murphy Brown
Madalyn Murray O'Hair
Mother Teresa
David Letterman
& You!
By Lee Strobel
Copyright ©1994 Lee Strobel
Zondervan Publishing House
ISBN: 0-310-48511-8
172 Pages
Completed: 07/14/2018

Okay, so this book may be a l -i - t -t-l-e outdated, coming from 1994. However, I believe the message is just as prevalent  today. That of God's great love for mankind, and His mercy are never ending. That Jesus came to pay for our sins. And that no matter what you have done, you are welcomed by Him and can be forgiven by Him.

Strobel touches on just about every calamity known in the US still today: the decline of morals; sexual promiscuity; one parent households; greediness; and insecurity.

I found myself having to lay the book down a few times to absorb all that the author brought up. It touched me in such a way that I found myself repenting of long lost sins that I had forgotten about. And it was like a huge weight, that I hadn't known I was carrying around, fell from my shoulders. I felt reintroduced to my Savior's love. I was invigorated and excited as I haven't been in years.

In some cases, the author even uses fictional characters to get a point across (Bart Simpson, and Murphy Brown, for instance), and does a wonderful job.

I found this book highly enlightening and just a relevant today as when it was written. I highly recommend it for all.

I give this book 
And a big

****DISCLOSURE: This book was a private purchase and under no obligation for review.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Exploring the Da Vinci Code by Lee Strobel and Garry Poole

Exploring The DaVinci Code
by Lee Strobel and Garry Poole
Published by Zondervan
Copyright © 2006 Lee Strobel and Garry Poole
ISBN: 0-310-2737-2
110 pages
Completed: 7/8/18

While the DaVinci Code by author Dan Brown came out several years ago, I love to read the articles and books which take it beyond the book of fiction that it is, and try to argue that  IT IS or IS NOT factual. I saw Brown in an interview when the book was first released, and he himself stated that he wrote it as a fictional piece, although he pulled from articles and rumors that could no way be truthful, he simply wrote a fictional novel. And so when I read it, as a Christian, I was not offended. It was a great murder mystery to me! I loved it so much I've purchased every Dan Brown book afterward that I could find!

So, if Brown had meant the piece to be factual these two gentlemen went about trying to prove his falsehoods in a non-judgmental way.  They sought the advice of scholars and historians, and visited the sites where Brown's book took it's characters.

I like how the book is written in a group study sort of way. You are asked questions along the way to help you decide on your own, without their leading, if you believe the facts over the events as found in The DaVinci Code, or not. They gave their opinions without forcing it upon you.

As I have said, I did not judge the book when I read it as factual, simply because I'd already heard Brown proclaim it was a work of fiction. I just enjoyed it for a great murder mystery!

Let me leave you with the very last paragraph of the book: "You've probably heard that the catch phrase for The DaVinci Code movie is, "Seek the Truth:. That's good advice, but frankly, I like the way Jesus put it in Luke 7: "So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

This is a great short study, easily read in an afternoon. I highly recommend it if you have or have not taken Brown's The DaVinci Code seriously. The openness is amazing. These are two brilliant researchers and authors of great talent

I give this book
And a big

****DISCLOSURE: This book was a personal purchase and was under no obligation for review.

And here's the book all the fuss is STILL about!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Restoring Your Spiritual Passion by Gordon MacDonald

Restoring Your Spiritual Passion
by Gordon MacDonald
Copyright 1986 Gordon MacDonald
Publisher Oliver-Nelson Books
223 Pages
Completed 07/04/2018

 This is a fabulous book for anyone who needs to restore that spiritual passion you had when you were first saved! 

  The author explains how we sometimes get so used to hearing the same sermons that we tend to lose our passion, and we begin to forget just how marvelous our salvation is!

  Through reasons for losing our passion, who we are spending our time or work with, through our every day busy-ness, we tend to let things in our spirit get pushed back into the background.

  The author goes on and leads us through ways to regain that passion and feeling and want to get out to tell others the Good News!

  This book has really brought me back to my own spiritual passion and my desire to teach and reach others! I think every Christian should read this! We all go through this type of slump in life, even the most devout. The trick is to see that's what is happening, and to begin our journey back to it as soon as possible!

  I highly recommend this book!

  I give it FIVE STARS


  ****DISCLOSURE This book was loaned to me from my dear Christian Brother and mentor, David , and was under no obligation for review.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Magic and Medicine of Plants - Readers Digest

Magic and Medicine of Plants
Readers Digest
Copyright © 1986 Readers Digest Association, Inc.
Published by Readers Digest Association, Inc.
ISBN: 0-89577-221-3
464 Pages
Completed: 06/24/2018

It is quite rare when I complete such a book inside of 24 hours. But I haven't been feeling well, and sleep has eluded me. And I truly found this enjoyable. So, yes, I did read it within 24-hours.

The book identifies wild and cultivated medicinal and herbal plants in an array from A-Z, which helps in some ways, and yet makes you feel thrown about in others. (I think I would have preferred an index with ailments that could be helped by plant at least. But c'est la vie.) 

I did appreciate the notations at the bottom of each plants page that identified what the plant was considered useful for, and it's use today when applicable. 

Because I'm interested in herbology, I found the herbs for cooking most interesting.

I did appreciate the effort for recipes at the back of the book, there just weren't really enough to make the effort worth reading through them. I was very interested in the gardening of the plants and herbs and found the layouts most informative.

Identification of each plant is by painting. AND photograph, which I truly appreciate. In most books we are informed only by paintings of the plants and one can never be sure with a painting what creative license has been taken! A photograph helps to compare the two and ensure that you have chosen or are looking at a correct specimen.

All in all I enjoyed the read. And I do highly recommend the book if you can locate a copy.


****DISCLAIMER: This review was strictly voluntary as this book was borrowed from a friend and did not require any review.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

All The Master's Men - Patterns for Modern Discipleship

All The Master's Men
Patterns for Modern Discipleship
Kendrick Strong
Copyright © 1978 Kendrick Strong
First Edition
Christian Herald Books, Chappaqua, NY
ISBN: 0-915684-38-1
220 Pages
Completed: 06/23/2018

I know this book seemed to take a long while for me to complete, but only because I was searching to see if any new materials or references had been made since this First Edition was printed.  This was a borrowed book, and I used it for study, in order to learn patterns of how we should, and should not, respond to society around us. Jesus chose the twelve individual men for specific reasons, and the author was most excellent in pointing out both their strengths and their weaknesses. It has been a most helpful book.

While the author has given us much to go on, I feel he gave up too easily in locating information regarding the Twelve Apostles whom Christ chose to be His followers. 

The author had wonderful insight, and that I did not find in the least flawed. However, except for "tradition", he did not look to writers closest to the generation of the Apostles for accounts of their lives, except for Eusebius, whom he references often. He leaves out Josephus and many others. This would have given more credence to his information on the Twelve.

That all being said, I found the book a most excellent read. It was copyrighted in 1978, so it is perhaps the writer was referencing the only materials at his hand at the time. With the advent of the Internet, I often forget there was a time when we were strictly limited to our local libraries and home encyclopedias for reference materials! Even so, the author did a fantastic job!

I thoroughly enjoyed the author's perspective on each Apostle and how we can apply those same ideas to our lives today, to be better followers of Christ.

All in all, I give this book FIVE STARS

And a big THUMBS UP
I highly recommend it.

****DISCLOSURE: This book was under no obligation for review, as it was borrowed from my dear Brother, David Roach. Thank you Bubba for allowing me to study this text!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How To Pray When You Think You Can't by Marci Alborghetti

How to Pray When You Think You Can't
by Marci Alborghetti
Copyright © 2007 Marci Alborghetti
Published by Guideposts Books
153 Pages
Completed 05/30/2018

I was a little hesitant in reading this book, as I have always prayed in a conversational manner. I enjoy the intimacy of prayer as though speaking to my Father, informally, just as I would to my Dad or another respected member of my family. But the author soon put me at ease, as she, too, enjoys that informal prayer.

The author covers those moments when we may not know how to pray for something. Or when circumstances, for instance severe pain, may make it difficult to think clearly enough to pray.

The author takes on a course of Thanksgiving prayer, Psalm prayers, and conversational as well as formal prayer. The author discusses our need and ways to pray not only for ourselves but for others, as well. And she discusses both prayer partners and prayer groups, as well as prayer meetings. 

All in all, I was well pleased with this book, and came away excited to use some of the author's approaches to prayer. And a renewed desire to keep my prayer journal up to date. (I often put in my prayer requests so that I don't forget them, or forget someone I am praying for. But I more than often forget to put in when the prayer has been answered so that I may be certain to do a prayer of Thanksgiving for the answered prayer.)

I highly recommend you read a copy of this book, even if you feel, as I did, that your prayer life is just fine. It opened my eyes to the subtle nuances of prayer, and that closeness we feel when we pray both in need and in Thanksgiving. But mostly, it made me realize the need for prayer with an expectation of answer, in one form or another as God so chooses. And that is something we often forget.

I give this book a BIG thumbs up.
And FIVE stars.
This book is available on  below.

DISCLAIMER: This book was borrowed from a friend and was under no obligation for review.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Israel's Glorious Future by Dr. Harold A. Sevener

Israel's Glorious Future
The Prophecies & Promises of God Revealed
by Dr. Harold A. Sevener
Copyright © 1999 Chosen People Ministries
Publisher: Chosen People Ministries
88 Pages

This is a very well written work by Dr. Harold A. Sevener. His writing is down to earth and easy to understand and follow. He explains his thoughts and understanding of the Scriptures in great detail and gives compelling reasons why he interprets the Scripture as he does.

This work tells the story of ancient times when God made His covenant between Himself and Man, and between Himself and his chosen people, beginning with Abraham. Well thought out, the writer moves the reader forward through time with a brief history of the Israel people.

Moving surely through the recent past history of the 20th century right up to the coming Tribulation, through the Tribulation and on to the New Jerusalem during the 1,000 year reign. And beyond, to the New Heaven and New Earth. He sources Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah and Revelation for his work, and he has written so that even the most common layman can understand and follow his thought process and interpretations.

I highly recommend this book for all who have a heart for the Jewish peoples with a Messianic vision for their redemption, which is what the publisher is all about.

I give this book a BIG thumbs up!
And I give it FIVE stars!
This book is available from Amazon below:

DISCLAIMER: This book was from a private library, and as such was under no obligation for review.