Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Gift To You - Gail Yvonne Davidson

Copyright 2013 Gail Yvonne Davidson
ISBN: 978-1-4797-9881-0
Ebook: 978-1-4797-9882-7
Published by Xlibris Corporation

I was gifted this book yesterday, by the author herself. And I have found that it is a gift I will treasure for many, many years. [I am ordering copies for my granddaughters now!]

Life has a way of teaching us many lessons. It is important how well we listen, and take to heart, those lessons that will determine just how we turn out in the end.

This book contains beautiful life lessons for readers of ALL ages, but especially for the young person who is just starting out on their own, say in college, or a first job.

Davidson begins with a little story [she says she has a never ending supply of stories] and follows that with the lesson. Each lesson is then highlighted with a reference from Scripture. Each lesson is very short, and will take about 5 minutes to read. There are thirteen [13] chapters in all.

The book can be read in a single sitting. Or the lessons can be read one at a time. I found the book suitable for group study as well. 

This book is available in both print and Kindle versions on and

I give this book...

...Five Stars and...

...a big Thumbs Up!

****DISCLOSURE: This book was provided by the author, and was a gift, under no obligation for review.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Way Back by Tom Pawlik

The Way Back
Tom Pawlik
Kindle -
Copyright 2013 - Tom Pawlik
I am so ashamed of myself for not getting to this book earlier! I received a pre-publication of this book from Mr. Pawlik last spring, and just got to reading it today. So, to Mr. Pawlik, I apologize.
What a treasure!!!
From the first page to the last, the book is rife with emotional turmoil, danger, intrigue, and the premise that life, good or bad, has a way of touching so many individuals.
I found the book a rare treat. In a world where so many novelists seem pleased to toss out some garbage and expect us to proclaim it a literary winner, Mr. Pawlik really gives us a novel we can put our teeth into, stay on the edge of our seats, and yet come away with a tear in our eye!
Already a Christy Award Winner, Mr. Pawlik has a talent that I hope to continue reading for many years to come.
I highly recommend The Way Back  for readers of 15-years and older.. There is some graphic content [an animal killing humans, and racial bias] that may be too mature for the very young.
I give this book
FIVE STARS and....
a big THUMBS UP!
****DISCLOSURE: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an independent and non-biased review.