Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The History of the Greenbrier America's Resort

The History of The Greenbrier America's Resort
Robert S. Conte
Copyright 1998 The Greenbrier
Published for The Greenbrier by Pictoral Histories Publishing Company, Inc.
Charleston, WV

ISBN: 0-929521-14-5

This beautifully photographed, well researched, and often entertaining book, by historian for The Greenbrier, Robert S. Conte, is insightful and well written.

From the first days of the mineral/sulphur springs in the 1700's to it's present, The Greenbrier has been one of America's premier resorts, and this well put-together book offers us a beautiful look at that history.

I originally utilized this text as part of my research for a family who shares the same name as one of the original owners of the resort. Later I went back to re-read the text purely for the entertainment and the love of the history of it.

Fascinated by The Greenbrier, my ex-father-in-law having worked there for many years, I travel past it's illustrious gates daily on my commute to work. Gaily decorated in the Christmas season, and always, always, well populated. The comings and goings are often highlighted by occasional glimpses of society's elite and those individuals of fame. One is also well used to seeing the various uniforms of those who serve the guests both in front of, and behind, the scenes.

The History of the Greenbrier America's Resort is a must read for anyone interested in the local history of Greenbrier County, West Virginia as well! One can easily see the progression of the community and the state through the progression and growth of The Greenbrier.

The iconic resort is well presented by Dr. Conte in this book.

I give this a ...
....five star rating and my....

...thumbs up award!

****DISCLOSURE: This book was a personal purchase for private research, and I was under no obligation to offer my opinion on it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Losing It

Losing It - And Gaining My Life Back One Pound At A Time
Valerie Bertinelli
Free Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-6818-6

Fantastic story of one young woman's rise to stardom, but of also losing faith and self-confidence.
Heartache of a marriage failed.
But the confidence and love of a son that helped to pull her through the toughest of times.

Bertinelli, just a few months younger than myself, married at an early age. She and her spouse did basically the same as my own story of young marriage... they grew up and apart. Each defining their own goals for life, and finding that although there was strong feelings for one another, it wasn't enough.

To fill a void, Bertinelli turned to food for comfort and solace.

This is a journey about finding an alternative to fill the void. To finding one's self. And loving one's self, and one's self-image.

Bertinelli gives us her journey in a candid, no holds barred, manner.

And she tells us what has worked for her.

I give this book...
...five stars and my...

...thumbs up award!

DISCLOSURE: This book was borrowed, and was under no obligation for review.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Philosopher's Apprentice

The Philosopher's Apprentice
A Novel
James Morrow
Copyright James Morrow 2008
HarperCollins books
ISBN 978-0-06-135144-0

Morrow started out well enough, with a fantasy read that lead us down a path of DNA and genome make believe, where an individual is cloned rather than chosing a reproductive path in order to experience motherhood.

We ended up in sci-fi nightmare!

I could almost believe the beginning of the story, told convincingly and with at least a modicum of heart. However, I soon began to lose interest when the absurdly ridiculous became the apparent course of the novels journey!

It isn't often when I am unable to find it within myself to give an author a modicum of interest to the very end of the tome, but in The Philosopher's Apprentice I have struggled for 10 days to finish that which I have finally given up on.

I find the book totally unrealistic and without governing morals.

Since I found it in the 99-cents store, I suppose I should have known what to expect.

I rate this ... star, simply because it did have a great, plausible beginning. But I have to give it....

...a thumbs down, and suggest you keep the kiddies away from it!

****DISCLOSURE: This book was a private purchase and was under no obligation for review.