Saturday, April 27, 2013

Aesop's Mirror - A Love Story

Aesop's Mirror
A Love Story
Maryalice Huggins
Copyright 2009 by Maryalice Huggins
Sarah Crichton Books
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
New York
ISBN: 978-0-374-10103-9

I purchased this book from the Dollar Tree at our local shopping center as something that looked a little interesting. I did not realize at the time I purchased it that it was a non-fiction account. When I got into the story, I was so pleasantly surprised by the story itself, and the content, that I could not put it down until I had devoured it!

As a "semi-professional" genealogist, I was enamored with the tale of a furniture gilder who finds an unusual mirror that depicts Aesop's infamous tale of the fox and the grapes. Buying the mirror at auction, without really knowing what she had, Maryalice Huggins goes on to prove that this monstrous mirror was something more than expected. Through serious genealogical pursuit and proving provenance, she more than accomplished her task.

This book touched me on so many levels, I could scarce begin to explain them all to you!

I am a lover of antiques. Especially those that require a little digging to clearly define their provenance. And I am in love with the pursuit of genealogy. Huggins covers both in this well written work!

I highly recommend this work for anyone interested in antiques, pursuit of provenance, and genealogy!

I give Aesop's Mirror ...

FIVE STARS and....

a Big THUMBS UP!!!

****DISCLOSURE: This book was a private purchase and as such was under no obligation for review.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Shroud Codex - Jerome R. Corsi, PH.D.

The Shroud Codex
Jerome R. Corsi, PH.D.
copyright 2010 Jerome R. Corsi
Threshold Editions

When Fr. Bartholomew begins to show the stigmata of Christ, he becomes a revered individual. The world watches him closely. His story is told over and over.

A near-death experience, and a promise of deciphering the shroud codex, brings Fr. Bartholomew back to this life.

A well written book, full of intrigue and mystery. I read this through in a single day, simply not able to put it down. But then, the Shroud of Turin has always held strong fascination for me, so this fun read held me fast!

It helped that I am a fan of Corsi's investigative writing as well!

I highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys a good fictional read that is very loosely based on fact.

I give this book
...five stars and....

...a big thumbs up!

****DISCLOSURE: This book was a private purchase, and as such I was under no obligation for reviewing it. All opinions in this post are my own and under no obligation.