Sunday, June 24, 2018

Magic and Medicine of Plants - Readers Digest

Magic and Medicine of Plants
Readers Digest
Copyright © 1986 Readers Digest Association, Inc.
Published by Readers Digest Association, Inc.
ISBN: 0-89577-221-3
464 Pages
Completed: 06/24/2018

It is quite rare when I complete such a book inside of 24 hours. But I haven't been feeling well, and sleep has eluded me. And I truly found this enjoyable. So, yes, I did read it within 24-hours.

The book identifies wild and cultivated medicinal and herbal plants in an array from A-Z, which helps in some ways, and yet makes you feel thrown about in others. (I think I would have preferred an index with ailments that could be helped by plant at least. But c'est la vie.) 

I did appreciate the notations at the bottom of each plants page that identified what the plant was considered useful for, and it's use today when applicable. 

Because I'm interested in herbology, I found the herbs for cooking most interesting.

I did appreciate the effort for recipes at the back of the book, there just weren't really enough to make the effort worth reading through them. I was very interested in the gardening of the plants and herbs and found the layouts most informative.

Identification of each plant is by painting. AND photograph, which I truly appreciate. In most books we are informed only by paintings of the plants and one can never be sure with a painting what creative license has been taken! A photograph helps to compare the two and ensure that you have chosen or are looking at a correct specimen.

All in all I enjoyed the read. And I do highly recommend the book if you can locate a copy.


****DISCLAIMER: This review was strictly voluntary as this book was borrowed from a friend and did not require any review.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

All The Master's Men - Patterns for Modern Discipleship

All The Master's Men
Patterns for Modern Discipleship
Kendrick Strong
Copyright © 1978 Kendrick Strong
First Edition
Christian Herald Books, Chappaqua, NY
ISBN: 0-915684-38-1
220 Pages
Completed: 06/23/2018

I know this book seemed to take a long while for me to complete, but only because I was searching to see if any new materials or references had been made since this First Edition was printed.  This was a borrowed book, and I used it for study, in order to learn patterns of how we should, and should not, respond to society around us. Jesus chose the twelve individual men for specific reasons, and the author was most excellent in pointing out both their strengths and their weaknesses. It has been a most helpful book.

While the author has given us much to go on, I feel he gave up too easily in locating information regarding the Twelve Apostles whom Christ chose to be His followers. 

The author had wonderful insight, and that I did not find in the least flawed. However, except for "tradition", he did not look to writers closest to the generation of the Apostles for accounts of their lives, except for Eusebius, whom he references often. He leaves out Josephus and many others. This would have given more credence to his information on the Twelve.

That all being said, I found the book a most excellent read. It was copyrighted in 1978, so it is perhaps the writer was referencing the only materials at his hand at the time. With the advent of the Internet, I often forget there was a time when we were strictly limited to our local libraries and home encyclopedias for reference materials! Even so, the author did a fantastic job!

I thoroughly enjoyed the author's perspective on each Apostle and how we can apply those same ideas to our lives today, to be better followers of Christ.

All in all, I give this book FIVE STARS

And a big THUMBS UP
I highly recommend it.

****DISCLOSURE: This book was under no obligation for review, as it was borrowed from my dear Brother, David Roach. Thank you Bubba for allowing me to study this text!