Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How To Pray When You Think You Can't by Marci Alborghetti

How to Pray When You Think You Can't
by Marci Alborghetti
Copyright © 2007 Marci Alborghetti
Published by Guideposts Books
153 Pages
Completed 05/30/2018

I was a little hesitant in reading this book, as I have always prayed in a conversational manner. I enjoy the intimacy of prayer as though speaking to my Father, informally, just as I would to my Dad or another respected member of my family. But the author soon put me at ease, as she, too, enjoys that informal prayer.

The author covers those moments when we may not know how to pray for something. Or when circumstances, for instance severe pain, may make it difficult to think clearly enough to pray.

The author takes on a course of Thanksgiving prayer, Psalm prayers, and conversational as well as formal prayer. The author discusses our need and ways to pray not only for ourselves but for others, as well. And she discusses both prayer partners and prayer groups, as well as prayer meetings. 

All in all, I was well pleased with this book, and came away excited to use some of the author's approaches to prayer. And a renewed desire to keep my prayer journal up to date. (I often put in my prayer requests so that I don't forget them, or forget someone I am praying for. But I more than often forget to put in when the prayer has been answered so that I may be certain to do a prayer of Thanksgiving for the answered prayer.)

I highly recommend you read a copy of this book, even if you feel, as I did, that your prayer life is just fine. It opened my eyes to the subtle nuances of prayer, and that closeness we feel when we pray both in need and in Thanksgiving. But mostly, it made me realize the need for prayer with an expectation of answer, in one form or another as God so chooses. And that is something we often forget.

I give this book a BIG thumbs up.
And FIVE stars.
This book is available on  below.

DISCLAIMER: This book was borrowed from a friend and was under no obligation for review.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Israel's Glorious Future by Dr. Harold A. Sevener

Israel's Glorious Future
The Prophecies & Promises of God Revealed
by Dr. Harold A. Sevener
Copyright © 1999 Chosen People Ministries
Publisher: Chosen People Ministries
88 Pages

This is a very well written work by Dr. Harold A. Sevener. His writing is down to earth and easy to understand and follow. He explains his thoughts and understanding of the Scriptures in great detail and gives compelling reasons why he interprets the Scripture as he does.

This work tells the story of ancient times when God made His covenant between Himself and Man, and between Himself and his chosen people, beginning with Abraham. Well thought out, the writer moves the reader forward through time with a brief history of the Israel people.

Moving surely through the recent past history of the 20th century right up to the coming Tribulation, through the Tribulation and on to the New Jerusalem during the 1,000 year reign. And beyond, to the New Heaven and New Earth. He sources Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah and Revelation for his work, and he has written so that even the most common layman can understand and follow his thought process and interpretations.

I highly recommend this book for all who have a heart for the Jewish peoples with a Messianic vision for their redemption, which is what the publisher is all about.

I give this book a BIG thumbs up!
And I give it FIVE stars!
This book is available from Amazon below:

DISCLAIMER: This book was from a private library, and as such was under no obligation for review.

Monday, May 21, 2018

What is Bill Gates Reading This Summer?

In Bill Gates Notes, the wealthy entrepreneur that we all aspire to be, recently listed his top five books for reading this summer. And they're not exactly what you might think a man with his penchant for wealth would be expected to be reading! I was very amazed by his choices, and getting ready to order each one now!

From his notes, he states the following:

"Leonardo DaVinci by Walter Isaacson
Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I've Loved , by Kate Bowler
Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders

Origin Story: A Big History of Everything, by David Christian
Factfulness, by Hans Rosling, with Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Ronnlund

I've been reading so much for study lately, that I think I'm going to reward myself with these five books! Each one sounds amazing and I can't wait to lie back in the shade of the porch, with my southern sweet tea and one of these good books to enjoy the afternoon!

Won't you join me?

Thank you, Mr. Gates for a great groups of book ideas for summer reading fun!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Untold Story of the New Testament Church by Frank Viola

The Untold Story of the New Testament Church
by Frank Viola
Copyright © 2004 Frank Viola
Destiny Image Publishing
ISBN: 0-7684-2236-1
189 Pages
Completed 05/20/2018

This is a fantastic telling of the events of the New Testament Church in chronological order, instead of the layout of the written New Testament.

Find the correct layout, and suddenly the events of the New Testament Church following the death of Jesus, and the writing of the New Testament come to life. 

This book puts it all into the order it should be read in. With the background as to why each book was written. Paul's letter's suddenly come alive with their meaning! I've heard many a Christian state that Paul is so contradictory in his writings. Well, suddenly there is no contradiction if you understand to whom he was writing and why he was writing to them!

Learn how each of the Apostle's dies. Learn what the New Testament Church itself was like. How it nearly faced extinction thanks to Nero!

This has been one of the best Bible helps I have read in a L-O-N-G time!

This is an absolute must read for any New Testament scholar, whether that be a layman, or a minister!

I absolutely highly recommend this read!

I also give this a BIG thumbs up!

And FIVE stars!

And you can purchase the book below from, simply click the picture below.

DISCLAIMER: This book was a loan from a personal friend and was in now way under obligation for review.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Killing Jesus by Stephen Mansfield

Killing Jesus
The Unknown Conspiracy Behind The World's Most Famous Execution
by Stephen Mansfield
Copyright © 2013 Stephen Mansfield
Worthy Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61795-187-9
255 Pages
 Completed: 05/03/2018

Seriously, before I even begin, I have to tell you this is perhaps the best book I have ever read.

Mansfield is an artist. Truly. His capability of telling a story and projecting you into the scene brought the last days of Christ and the crucifixion to life. I was there! I really was!

I have never been so brutally moved in my 58 years on this earth! And I have read, and studied the crucifixion many times. I thought Mel Gibson's The Passion, was about as close as I would ever come.. But Mansfield is an extraordinarily talented and gifted writer! And he is very humbling. I went to his Facebook page and mentioned how much the book touched me. He was kind enough to personally respond. Do you know how few people actually do that?

He walks us through the Sanhedrin demanding the crucifixion of our Savior. The brutality of the beating he was given. And the scourging. I wept and wept, and can still, days later, weep from it. The piercing pain as the large nails were driven through Christ's wrists and feet. His literal suffocation. Seeing His mother in the crowd watching Him. His gasping for final breaths. His great last effort as He yells "It is finished!".

There is oh so much more here. The hidden agenda behind the crucifixion, which we are only now beginning to understand. The cruelty of those who would rather see a murderer freed than Jesus.

Pilate's lack of desire to do anything but keep the populace happy, and out of his hair, and his symbolic washing of his hands.

You will see, hear, feel, taste, and smell it all. And your heart will break as you see for the first time what it must have been like to have witnessed the horror.

I get more from a really good story teller than I do from a visual. I was overwhelmed with the Passion. But my life has been forever changed by Killing Jesus. And I think that's exactly what Mansfield intended. Lives will be changed by this book. 

I strongly recommend you read Killing Jesus by Stephen Mansfield.

I give this book a BIG thumbs up!

And I give it FIVE stars, the highest I can give!

And you can purchase the book below, just clock the link with the photo of the book.

DISCLAIMER: This book was on loan from a friend and as such was under no obligation for review.

Prayers That Rout Demons by John Eckhardt

Prayers That Rout Demons
Prayers for Defeating Demons and Overthrowing the Power of Darkness
by John Eckhardt
Copyright © John Eckhardt 2007
Charisma House Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-59979-246-0
108 Pages
Completed: 05/05/2018

I was expecting a book that would literally offer me some prayer guidance for my church. Instead, I was given one page that had ANYTHING to do with demons. 

The author decides that all ills in life, no matter what they are, are simply caused by demons. From a flat tire, to an ingrown toenail! And offers a long list of Scriptures to use as prayers. 

I could not take the author seriously. It seemed he simply took a concordance, looked up different problems: Anger; Abuse; etc., and copied down the Scriptures that each of these offered in mentioning! 

Sincerely, my grandson could have given just as much information without even a try. He's 12 years old.

I was very disappointed. The book was promised to offer help and guidance for those who felt that demons were interfering in their lives. Instead, I received nothing more than a concordance with some half-hearted attempts at locating Scriptures. The author did at least write out each Scripture verse, and didn't just list a source. 

I do not recommend it. Use your concordance if you must, don't invest in another, cheaper, poorer version.

I give this a BIG thumbs down.

And I give it a single star as that is as low as you can go.

If you find you really want to check it out, however, here is where you can order a copy:

DISCLAIMER: This book was a private purchase and was under no obligation for review.

Eve by Wm Paul Young

by Wm Paul Young
Copyright © Wm Paul Young
Published by Howard Books
ISBN: 978-1-5011-0142-7
303 Pages
Completed: 04/07/2018

I was loaned this book by a friend who thought I would enjoy it. Unfortunately, I simply could not. It was quite difficult to follow at times, and went against my beliefs as a Christian and what the Scripture teaches us.

Eve is about a young girl named Lilly, who is found nearly dead in a shipping container along a beach, filled with the bodies of dead young girls. We're never given a complete explanation of what happened to her, you simply assume by the hints presented that she was used in a prostitution ring.

Kept in a suspended state while healing, Lilly dreams and sees visions. One is of Eve. Yes, that Eve. Only she wasn't really seeing visions, but mentally transported. 

Lilly becomes a "Watcher", an observer. She observes the moment of creation. Of the earth. Of Adam. And eventually of Eve.

Somehow she is sent back and forth through the NOW to the THEN. Eventually she finds out the Creator calls her Lillith. Yeah, you get it. THAT Lillith.

There are spins on the variation of the story that make absolutely no sense.  I was bored to tears. Literally.

I won't give away any more of the plot. YOU might actually enjoy it. Just know it's not the traditional Adam/Eve/Lillith story we've all heard before. This has twists and turns, mountains and caverns that can get you lost if you don't pay attention.

I read the whole book, as an obligation to a friend who really enjoyed it, and thought I would as well. But unless you're into alternate creationism stories, I don't recommend it.

I give it a Thumbs Down.

I give it a single star, only because that's as low as you can go.

But if you really want to read it, you can find it for sale below.

DISCLAIMER: This book was a loan from a friend and was under no obligation for review.

Strengthening Your Grip by Charles Swindoll

Strengthening Your Grip
How to be Grounded in a Chaotic World
by Charles Swindoll
Copyright © Charles Swindoll
Worthy Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-936034-744
297 Pages
Completed: 03/23/2018

Just as the title insinuates, this is basically a "How-To" manual on how to stay grounded as a Christian in a secular world. A world that is fast becoming more and more secular.  Never has a time needed Christians to more firmly grounded in their faith and belief than now. To keep a "grip" on those truths and promises that God has made for us.

Swindoll, well known minister and teacher, leads into thought provoking spots and scenarios where we know we've all been before. And gives us a guide of how to stay true to our beliefs, even when the chaos is swirling all around us.

I absolutely adored this book. Written in such a way that it wasn't "preachy", but friendly. Like one good friend talking to another. Yu are instantly engaged and ready for more.

I took my time with this book, although a part of me wanted to rip right through it. I wanted to truly absorb this teaching. To make it "stick" with me for the long haul. Life is precious. Life is fun. And it's all too easy to be pulled into what is popular and everyone else is doing if we aren't careful. Swindoll offers you a life preserver to stay afloat for the long haul. Not only that, but he offers you hope and faith that can make this life so wonderful as we anticipate what is to come in the next if we but remain faithful.

I highly recommend this book for all.

I give this book a BIG thumbs up.

And I give it FIVE stars.

You can purchase the book below in various formats.

DISCLAIMER: This book was a personal purchase and therefore was under no obligation for review.

23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese

23 Minutes in Hell
by Bill Wiese
Copyright © 2006 Bill Wiese
Publisher: Charisma House
ISBN: 1-59155-582-8
163 Pages
Completed: 03/17/2018

This is one of those rare books I could not put down reading! Once I started it, I had to finish it!

Wiese takes us on a wild ride! Declared dead, Wiese awakens to himself and spends 23 minutes in Hell. If you are a Christian, this is gonna scare you to death and make you reaffirm your faith in our Savior and send you on the straight and narrow path for Heaven! If you are not a Christian, this is gonna scare you to death and make you want to get born again so that you will miss this place of very real torment and torture!

Wiese writes in vivid clarity and detail of his experience. You are there with him as he is tortured and sees the people in the lake of fire! Never consumed but burning forever!

As a nurse, I have witnessed many deaths in my 30 year career. And I was made aware of how real Hell was with one patient's death in particular. (Perhaps one day I'll tell that story.) So, I had my real "aha" moment a few years back. But if I hadn't then,. I surely would have with Wiese's account!

I strongly urge you to read this book. It can change lives. Read the many reviews on Amazon regarding this book, and you will see what I am talking about! Lives have been changed. Entire FAMILIES have been changed!

I highly recommend this book! I even URGE you to get a copy right away and read it. It's not a long read, and you won't put it down!

I give this book a BIG Thumbs Up.

And I give it the highest star rating of FIVE STARS.

You can purchase the book below.

DISCLAIMER: This book was a private purchase and as such was under no obligation for review.

Pagan Christianity By Frank Viola and George Barona

Pagan Christianity
Frank Viola and George Barona
Tyndale Publishers
Copyright © Frank Viola and George Barona 2012
ISBN: 1-4143-1485-X
293 Pages
Completed: 03/10/2018

A magnificently written book that explains why church does not always seem to fit Scripture! It compares the many Christian habits and actions to pagan culture and how the two have merged to form a less than Scriptural following of individuals.

One must follow the Scripture rather than ritualistic beliefs and habits that our churches have formed. The argument being that we may be harming our soul more than doing it good by attending a church that performs some of the rituals performed. And most, if not all, do exactly that.

A fascinating read with great learning. I highly recommend this book.

I definitely give my Thumbs Up.

And I give a FIVE STAR rating.

You can purchase the book below from Amazon.

DISCLAIMER: The above book was a private purchase and as such was under no obligation for review.

The Beast of Revelation by John H. Ogwyn

The Beast of Revelation
Myth, Metaphor, or Soon-Coming Reality
By John H. Ogwyn
Publisher: The Restored Church of God
41 Pages
Out of Print
Completed: 03/07/2018

I was very intrigued with this modest booklet, published by The Restored Church of God.

The author, John H. Ogwyn makes a compelling debate on the reality or not of the beast as mentioned in the book of Revelation in the Scriptures. He wins, hand down with it being a reality, and just what the beast is. I'll leave it up to you to find a copy and read it to completion and decide yourself.

While I do not always see eye to eye with the Church of God, or the Restored Church of God, I am happy to see it publish such well thought out materials as has come from it's library in the past.  The authors are well educated, learned men of God, every one. And I respect and admire most of their work. While I have read most of what they have available, I can truly say I have never totally disagreed with any of them, and that includes Ogwyn.

Definitely a booklet worth reading. It's brevity keeps the reading interesting. But the intensity and implications will stay with you a lifetime.

I highly recommend this read.

I give it my Thumbs Up.

And my Five Stars.

And while I was unable to locate a copy of the booklet on the Restored Church of God's website (I am assuming it is no longer in print), I was able to locate a few copies on Abe Books. And there are several copies available on Amazon as well.

DISCLAIMER: This booklet was a private acquire and as such the author was under no obligation for review.

Who or What Is The Beast of Revelation by David C. Pack

Who or What is the Beast of Revelation
by David C. Pack
Published by The Restored Church of God
Copyright ©David C. Pack
53 Pages
Completed 05/06/2018

This was an interesting quick read. I am a great enthusiast on studying the book of Revelation and so was delighted with this booklet.

The author Scripturally bases all of his supportive evidence and hypothesis. Although he does not claim any of his work to be hypothetical or proposed. Instead, he believes his work to be factual according to Scripture.  I found his work to be somewhat out of context, and so will not go into his ideas here.

He is definitely a learned man, and knows the Scripture well. I just do not believe that his interpretation of Revelation to be completely correct. And so I cannot give him my best rating.

While I have said that, I do encourage the reader to take the time to read the material and judge for themselves. I certainly am no expert on the book of Revelation, and it has been open to much debate and interpretation since it was written! 

Therefore, I highly recommend the booklet.

I give this my thumbs up.

And I give it Three Stars.

You can order the booklet free of charge from the Restored Church of God at their website:

DISCLAIMER: This booklet was a private acquire and as such the author was under no obligation to provide a preview.

The Myster of the Shemitah by Jonathan Cahn

The Mystery of the Shemitah
by Jonathan Cahn
Copyright © 2015 Jonathan Cahn
Frontline Publishers
ISBN: 9789-62998-1932
276 Pages
Completed 03/05/2018

Well he's done it again! Rabi Cahn has taken us on another journey of such enlightenment that it is scary!

Using the knowledge of the Shemitah (the ancient Jewish Year of Jubilee), Cahn is able to show us how, like ripples in a pond, the ancient rituals have affected us throughout history, and will continue to do so in the future. Especially when a nation does not follow the mandates set forth by God. To stay faithful and serve Him alone. These affect not only America, but the world as a whole.

Again every Christian should be reading this work. Actually, all of Rabi Cahn's works should be read and studied. His insight is something to behold. Scripturally accurate, you need only compare it with the Scriptures to realize just how accurate he is.

I highly recommend this book.

I give a big thumbs up.

And I give my Five Star rating.

You can purchase the book below:

DISCLAIMER: This book was a private purchase and as such was under no obligation for review.

The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

The Harbinger
The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America's Future
by Jonathan Cahn
Copyright © 2012 Jonathan Cahn
Frontline Publisher
ISBN: 9789616386108
272 Pages
Completed 02/10/2018

What can I begin to say about this book, except, this another book of the kind we have come to expect from Cahn. The Rabi has done it again.

Hitting home, time and time again that America is heading down the path of self destruction and calling upon the wrath of God for her turning her back on Him.

This book touches on political events, natural disasters, wars, crime, you name it and Cahn has touched upon it. 

Once more Cahn proves that America must return to her first love, God. Unless she does, she is doomed. The end of this nation will come. 

Eye opening. Reaffirming. Commanding. It is a must read for every Christian.

I give this book my thumbs up:

And I give my Five Stars:

You can purchase the book below:

DISCLAIMER: This book was a private purchase and as such the author of this blog was under no obligation for review. The statements above are solely those of the author and do not reflect any other opinions.

The Paradigm by Jonathan Cahn

The Paradigm
The Ancient Blueprint that Holds the Mystery of Our Times
by Jonathan Cahn
Copyright © 2017 Jonathan Cahn
Published by Frontline Publishing
ISBN: 1629994765
272 Pages
Completed 01/05/2018

Jonathan Cahn is a well known Jewish minister of the gospel who brings with him a prophetic ability unlike any other speaker or minister I have ever seen. His ability to understand current events and prove their scriptural prophetic announcements is beyond amazing.  Many try to do this, and will often take Scripture out of context to "prove" their correctness. Cahn on the other hand is the real deal. His books give me chills at his accurateness.

In the Paradigm, Cahn walks us through the events of 9/11 as we see scriptural events of the past repeated in the event. A foretelling of what has and will once again happen when a nation leaves its first love, God. The comparisons are unreal. And unfold exactly as they did in the ancient days. No wandering or difference. Simply a repeat of the events of a falling away.

This is a wake up call for America. And every Christian should read this book. The events CAN be halted, but only if America will go back to her first love. The Lord. Without doing that, she will continue to fall deeper and deeper into sad, cataclysmic events. In short, her demise is foretold if she doesn't repent and go back to God. 

I highly encourage each of you to read this magnificent, eye opening book!  A recommended read.

I give this a BIG thumbs up

And FIVE stars

You can purchase the book below from Amazon.

A Lot Of Books To Get Through!

    I must apologize to you my readers. I have spent this first part of 2018 reading, and studying the books I have read. I have only read one book for pleasure so far this year, and it was not really my cup of tea, but read it because a friend said I would like it, and loaned it to me. So, the books that will come in the next few posts will be  mostly of Christian nature, as I have been called into the ministry. I am still finding my way, and am busying really studying these texts. So, these books have been taking me an unusually long amount of time to get through. So, I do apologize for the lateness in getting these out, and the sparse posts.

    My career has taken a drastic change as well, so now I will have more time available to me to do the blogging on the books I read that I have so longed for! It seems that is something I am most happy about! Having the time to write as I have missed these past six years!

    So sit back, relax, and be prepared to read all about The Books on My Shelf as I go over those I have been reading thusfar this year.