Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Mullah's Storm

The Mullah's Storn
Thomas W. Young
Copyright 2010
G.P.Putnam's Sons
ISBN 978-0-399-15692-2

First I have a confession to make... I am NOT a big fan of military action novels, nor their counterpart in movies. I just don't fantasize about carrying a rugged pack and slinging an M-16 over my shoulder and traipsing through some mountainous dessert terrain or sloshing through a jungle where the enemy lies waiting for my demise at his hands!

But from the very moment I read the description for The Mullah's Storm, I knew I had to read it! Thomas Young is an Air National Guard veteran and knows that of which he writes first hand.

I was gripped by this novel from the word go! When Air Force navigator Michael Parsons and Army interpretor Sgt. Gold are shot down from the skies they are the only two of their mission to survive. Except for a prisoner. A very special prisoner.

Young takes us through terrain we have never seen before, but which we now feel we know like the back of our hand. He leads on a mission that puts us right there in the field with him.

Young's military and technical knowledge are fully apparent in his writing. Yet he doesn't overwhelm the ignorant with so much technical jargon that we become lost and unable to follow. Instead, we feel the terror that grips Parsons and Gold. We feel the mental anguish. We feel the elements as they battle for survival in a brutal land against an even more brutal enemy. We smell the gunpowder, lead, and blood.

There are so few writers today who can transport you into the world of their story. It takes a special talent to do that. Young is just such a talent.

I highly recommend  The Mullah's Storm.

I give this book...
...my five star rating and...

...my Thumbs Up award!

****Disclosure: Putnam  provided me with a copy of this novel through Library Thing's Early Reviewer program for review.

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