Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Science of Good Cooking - Cook's Illustrated

The Science of Good Cooking
by Cook's Illustrated
copyright 2012 by the Editors at America's Test Kitchen
Brookline, MA
ISBN 978-1-933615-98-1

I am a connoisseur of good food, and good cookbooks. I am of the opinion, one can never have too many good cookbooks!

However, this one, this marvellous piece of cooking knowledge, I so wish I'd had those 30+ years ago when I first started out on my own! Do they still teach 'Home Ec' in high schools? [If so, this should be required curriculum!]

Not only is this book filled with fabulous recipes, but the science that makes the recipe work! Yes, you read that right.... the "science" behind the recipe that makes it a success. [I was in my 40's before that light bulb moment of realizing that cooking was science and chemistry, before my real love for it took off!]

Different areas of science are spelled out, followed by several recipes in which that particular area of science makes the recipe such a successful dish. And there is no shortage of recipes to try out! [400-plus!]

By 'Cook's Illustrated' so it's a trusted book to be sure! This would be a wonderful addition for every newlywed, as well as anyone just moving out on their own for the first time. And it's making a grand addition to this 'old-timer's' kitchen shelf as well!

I give this book FIVE STARS and a big THUMBS UP!

Highly recommended!
****DISCLOSURE: This book was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for an independent and non-biased review.

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