Monday, February 1, 2010

The Philanthropist

The Philanthropist
By: Rafael Ferraro

Publisher Rafael Ferraro

Copyright ©2007 (Standard Copyright License)
Language English
Country United States
Publication Date May 11, 2007

This book was touted as having for its main character the "Italian James Bond".

Being a huge Ian Flemming fan I was a bit skeptical, to say the least, when I began reading the novel.

It didn't take me long to realize that the author was delivering what the teaser had promised. And more!

Fast paced, Paolo Cinelli is faster still! His love for speed makes things happen!

Cinelli's antithesis, philanthropist Pieter Godessohn [aka Nils Laar], is intent on wreaking havoc on the world in the form of not so natural, natural disasters. It is up to Cinelli to save the world. Beginning with Venice, Italy.

From a fast moving Lamborghini, to ultralights, and parachutes, and even scuba diving in a murky sewage pipe, Cinelli is the hero of the hour.

Unlike James Bond, dry wit and humor are left behind. What you find is a serious savior for a world in danger.

From a seriously talented writer!

A pleasant surprise to have a book actually deliver on its promises!!!

I give this a 5 star rating!

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