Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review - The Busy Mom's Guide

The Busy Mom's Guide To A Happy, Organized Home
Fast Solutions To Hundred of Everyday Dilemmas
By Kathy Peel
Copyright 2008 by Kathy Peel
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN 978-1-4143-1619-2
United States

America's Family Manager Kathy Peel has once more offered us solutions to the many things in our lives that can harangue, excite, and confuse us!

Under seven major categories: Managing Time and Scheduling; Managing Your Home and Property; Managing Menus and Meals; Managing Relationships with Family and Friends; Managing Your Finances; Managing Special Events; and Managing Yourself, Peel affers us solutions that can not only streamline and make our rather busy lives a bit less hectic, but that can simplify our lives in such a manner that we begin to look after the one who is often overlooked in our lives. Ourselves!

Where was Kathy Peel when I was raising my own five children all of those years ago?

I love Peel's quote on the very first page of Introduction: "When you take on motherhood, the world's most important job, there's no formal orientation - just on-the-job training and trial by fire."

Peel asserts that if we look at our job as Mother's, as a JOB, we can more easily and readily hold it all together!

She states: "You oversee an economic institution that includes such services as facility and resource management, meal preparation, child care, education, and transportation, to name a few. Using the strategies and tactics of successful business managers will help you realize your dream for a happy, organized home."

Peel lists ten things we need to know regarding that job:
1. Think like a manager.
2. Manage by department.
3. Know your mission and values.
4. Cast vision and communicate benefits.
5. Build a family team.
6. Create a base of operations.
7. Use a Daily Hit List.
8. Manage according to how you're wired.
9. Be prepared.
10. Lean on God.

Peel gives us
The Family Manager Creed
I oversee the most important organization in the world
Where hundreds of decisions are made daily
Where property and resources are managed
Where health and nutritional needs are determined
Where finances and futures are discussed and debated
Where projects are planned and events are arranged
Where transportation and scheduling are critical
Where team building is a priority
Where careers begin and end
I am a Family Manager

Lastly Peel leaves us with twenty pages of Web Resources to assist us in the organization of our home and our lives.

She never forgets to have us lean and learn from the Head of our Family, our Lord and Savior.

I found this a wonderfu, source of information. And a book that every woman should have on hand! It should be a mandatory read for expecting women! And a handbook for busy Mom's everywhere!

I give this book a hefty 5 stars *****, and I highly recommend it for every home library!

*DISCLOSURE: A copy of this book was received from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. free of charge for review of the text. All opinions regarding the text included in this review are solely that of the writer. - cbh

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