Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brotherhood of Darkness

Brotherhood of Darkness
By Dr. Stanley Monteith
Copyright 2000
Hearthstone Publishing
ISBN 978-1-57558-063-0

To state I began reading this book with trepidation is putting it lightly.

Fantastical. Even maniacal. These are words that could easily describe this text.

Yet, when one looks at works, such as well-known author, Dan Brown, and others, one is sorely tempted to believe that the words written within Brotherhood of Darkness are not only factual, but the gospel truth.

As the "New World Order" plays out before us daily on the American stage of the political arena, one can easily believe that there is a force at work that is stronger than anything we could ever have imagined. A well layed out plan by a force so dark as to call itself the "light".

Christians will easily recognize this evil, and the doubters will soon come to believe.

Monteith spells out how Masons, Rosicrucions, Knights Templar, Illuminati, and so many other groups have formed the world as we know it today. Always there. Always working in the background.

Always, always building that Nordic "One World Order".

How our very government is controlled by those forces today!

Brotherhood of Darkness is a must read for every American, every Christian, and every concerned citizen of the free world.

While this is not a "fun" read, I give this my five star award
and my

thumbs up!

***Disclosure: This book was a purchase through WND Bookstore.

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