Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Texas The Beautiful Cookbook

Texas The Beautiful Cookbook
Edited by Elizabeth Germaine
Copyright 1989
Portland House
ISBN  0-517-69220-1

This delightful cookbook is probably one of my most favorite now!

I absolutely adore Texas cooking. Especially south-Texas. That delightful comfort food that is mixed with a bit of Mexican flair!

There is a plethora of delicious home cooking recipes that are sure to please every pallette! Hundreds of recipes from a small intimate dinner for two, to a real Texas ranch-style gathering!

Wild game and fish are included!

Desserts suitable for any holiday are sure to make your mouth water!

This book is beautiful enough to place on the coffee table, as well! The photography is simply stunning! And that was my original intent when purchasing this Goodwill find! [I found it at the Covington, Virginia Goodwill for only $1!]

I highly recommend this great find!

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