Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Innkeeper - John Piper

The Innkeeper
by John Piper
Paintings by Glenn Harrington
Copyright 1998, 2011 by Desiring God Foundation
Published by Crossway, Wheaton, IL
ISBN 978-1-4335-3025-8

Piper brings a visit from the Savior to the Innkeeper of the Inn where He was born.

A touching poem of loss and grief, and how the Lord will bring a sweet reunion to those who believe with their loved ones.

Harrington's paintings are lovely! And they bring life to the story, making it even more endearing.

Not just for the Christmas season, this book would make a wonderful gift of hope for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, and especially a child.

This book is highly recommended for individual homes and study groups. I would think the reference to Herod's violence may be a bit much for children under ten, but should be fine for those old enough to understand the story of Herod's baby-boy killing.

I give this book...

...Five Stars  and... Thumbs Up Award!

****DISCLOSURE: This book was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for an independent and non-biased review.

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