Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tales Behind the Tombstones

Tales Behind
the Tombstones
The Deaths and Burials of the Old West's Most Notorious
Outlaws, Notorious Women, and Celebrated Lawmen
Chris Enss
Guilford, Connecticut
Helena Montana
An Imprint of the Globe Pequot Press
Copyright 2007 Morris Book Publishing, LLC
LOC ISBN 978-0-7627-3773-4
First Edition
I found this quite an enjoyable read, being that I perform genealogy research and had to dig up much information on the Old West.
Enss paints a written picture of the events surrounding the deaths and burials of the notorious Old West.
He included photographs of tombstones where available, as well as photographs of the individuals as well, as available.
I read the book in one sitting.
I enjoyed the read immensely in Kindle version, but it is also available in written paperback.
I give this read...

...a big THUMBS UP!
I highly recommend the read.

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