Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques - George C. Morgan and Drew Smith

Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques
by George C. Morgan and Drew Smith
Copyright ©McGraw Hill Education Books
ISBN 978-0-07-181650-2
This book is a godsend in assisting me to advance my research even further than I had already done! Directed toward the researcher who is either a professional or who has been doing this for some time and is more literate in the field of genealogy than just a beginner, this book helps make us aware of those little known areas of hunting and searching that we might not otherwise have known of.
The back cover touts:
"* Examine the brick wall in detail to find potential weak spots  that can be exploited into a breakthrough
* Use brute force techniques that leave no stone unturned
* Research the family, associates, and neighbors (FANS) of your brick wall ancestor
* Consult with your family, friends, and colleagues to get a fresh perspective on your research
* Use crowdsourcing - genealogy societies, online forums, social media, blogs, wikis, and podcasts
* Apply technological solutions, including DNA testing and specialized genealogical software
* Getting tips on hiring a professional genealogical researcher with the appropriate credentials and references
* Revisit your brick wall problem after honing your research skills
* Review your evidence, develop a research strategy, and keep a meticulous research log"
I found the text insightful and well worth the purchase of this book.
I give Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques ....
...Five Stars and...

...a big Thumbs Up!
****DISCLOSURE: This book was a private purchase and was under no obligation for review.

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