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Paleo Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss

Paleo Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss
50 Delicious, Quick & Easy Recipes to Help Melt Your Damn Stubborn Fat Away!
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I have had to take a long, hard, and emotionally intensive look at my life and make some very difficult decisions. My health isn't the best, and my diet and lifestyle are the cause. My doctor tells me get the weight off and I can come off of most, if not all, of my medications.

Well, I've lost 50 pounds in a little over a year.  And it seems I'm stuck now. Neither losing, nor gaining.

I was introduced to the Whole30 Diet, and  the resemblance to the Paleo Diet is amazing. Those in the know, will understand when I say the similarities are uncanny, but the difference between the two can make or break you through that stubborn fat.

I chose to do the more drastic of the two, which is the Whole30 diet. And I intend to do this for 90 days, and then gradually slip over into the Paleo Diet.

I received Paleo Recipes For Rapid Weight Loss from (You can find it here.) All I can say is WOW!

I've tried a couple of the recipes already, and they are tasty. I could get used to this!

Breakfast Recipes to include: omelet muffins, pancakes with pureed strawberries, baked eggs with asparagus and leeks, banana walnut muffins, apple cinnamon muffins, steak and eggs, but to name a few!

Lunch Recipes include: salmon with citrus salad, Indian coleslaw, spicy tuna salad, turkey vegetable meatballs, chicken stew, broccoli beef soup, turkey avacado roll-up, and more!

Supper recipes include: Paleo chili, meat loaf, Japanese Ratatouille, Crockpot Lean Beef Stew, and more!

Snack recipes include: baked sweet potato sticks (these are so-o-o good!), baked apple chips, deviled eggs, Goji power bars, and more!

Desserts include: zuchini brownies, almond apple cake, chocolate chip cookies, vanilla pound cake and more!

There is also a whole section on helpful resources, and other links to find out more about the Paleo Diet plan if you are interested. I find that there are many recipes I can use on the Whole30 Diet Plan even now. Later I can add in the extra goodies from this book.

I can't help but give this book...

Five Stars and...

...a big Thumbs Up!

I also give this my....

Highly Recommended Award!

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