Monday, March 27, 2017

Are You Sticking To Your New Year's Resolution?

Did you set a goal to read a certain number of books this year?

Are you on schedule for keeping that goal?

I work a full-time job, and a part-time hobby job. And so far, I have read 18 books this year. That's 6 books ahead of schedule! And if I can do it, so can you!

This is about what my home office/study/library looks like right now. Crammed floor to ceiling with all of the books and papers that I use. And I love it! And this doesn't count the many books (well over 1000) that are on my Kindle!

I have been asked what kinds of books I prefer to read. Well, I am extremely eclectic. I love mysteries, romance, sci-fi, westerns, technical, I adore cookbooks. (One can never have enough cookbooks!) I enjoy books on the paranormal. I enjoy craft books. Home plans, especially anything on the tiny house movement. (Yeah, right. I know what you're thinking! You couldn't move into a tiny house with all those books! Well, I've already decided I will need either an addition, or a second tiny house, 'cause I ain't giving up any of my books!)

If it's in print, chances are I would love to read it. And I don't always enjoy books I pick out. If you read through some of my reviews, you'll see where I find a few not worth the money, nor the effort, of reading! (I'm very outspoke about my likes and dislikes!)

So, are you on target to get your 52 books a year read? If not, start now by trying to catch up. And if you're really far behind on your goal, just start where you are right now! Mark the date down, and next year on March 27th you should finish up with 52 books!

Keep reading my fellow novel and book enthusiasts! Not only does it keep you young, but it keeps your mind sharp. And you learn! Something all of us need to do! Keep learning. We start from the moment we are born, and we should keep learning until death closes our eyes in finality.

And you don't need to purchase your books! Get a library card! And don't forget, some libraries have books online! Check out your local library!

Thrift shops and flea markets are always good places to get books.

Used book stores abound! Take advantage of those!

If you like your Kindle, there are many places online you can get books for free!

And my absolute favorite place to buy books? Yard Sales!!! People will sometimes mark books down to a nickel, just to get rid of them! And sometimes you can purchase a whole set of a writers books! I've purchased a complete set of Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Anne of Green Gables, and once I caught a real bargain of leather bound Louis Lamour books!

Keep your eyes open. Grab a good book. Your imagination can take you anywhere!

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