Friday, July 2, 2010

The Portable Patriot

The Portable Patriot
Documents, Speeches and Sermons that Compose the American Soul
Edited by Joel J. Miller and Kristen Parrish
Thomas Nelson Publishing
Nashville, TN - 2010
ISBN 978-1-59555-110-8

I have to admit, the thought of sitting down and reading patriotic speeches and sermons, by choice, was not the way I would have chosen to spend an evening! However, I quickly found myself engrossed in the multiple patriotic discourses in this volume, and have to confess, that yes, I did in fact read the entire volume in about 3 hours without stopping!

I sat riveted to my chair as I read Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, to name but just a few of the varied writers who are quoted within these pages.

Instead of feeling bored, I felt a sense of how right these great men were for our founding fathers! There insight holds true to this very day! Their words are as appropriate today as when they first spoke them or wrote them down!

Inside the reader also finds the Declaration fo Independence, the Bill of Rights, and so many more articles that helped to not only form this great Nation, but unite it as no other.

I felt my chest swelling with pride, and my heart became overwhelmed.

This is surely a must read for all high school and college students!!! And for every patriotic American!

I highly recommend this great compilation for all libraries, home and commercial.

I give this book a five star rating.

***Thomas Nelson Publishing supplied me with a free copy of this book for independent review. I am in no way affiliated with Thomas Nelson Publishing and this review was not written for monetary refund.

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