Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ransomed Dreams

Ransomed Dreams
Sally John
2010 Tyndale House Publishers
ISBN 978-1-4143-2785-3

Sheridan and Eliot are living the dream of an ambassador and his beautiful philanthropic wife, when in Caracas their lives get blown apart. Literally. Eliot is shot, and their lives are turned upside down.

Sheridan begins to file her life's events as B.C. and A.C. [Before Caracas and After Caracas].

Eliot's world is one of drug induced pain relief in which he frequently "checks out" of reality. A world that Sheridan calls the "deaf mute".

The couple hides away in Topala, Mexico. A town that might as well have been on another planet. No phone service. No paved roads. No Internet.

When one day a man appears. A man whom Sheridan believes has saved her life in the Caracas event. He brings word that her sister, Calissa, wants her home in Chicago. Their father is dying.

'Lissa and Sher discover their father is more than they ever imagined. They also discover why their mother allowed herself to die at such a young age, when Sheridan was but 13.

This story is a bit convoluted; filled with espionage and diamond smuggling, deceit, and family secrets. But through it all, Sheridan keeps a faith that even she did not realize before that she had.

The love of Jesus abounds in this story that brings a couple full-circle to the love they felt for one another when they first met. But it is a stronger love than they could have ever imagined, tested by fire, and forged stronger than steel, in the master's hands. And guided by the loving words of Padre Miguel, the couple exude that perfect love.

I highly recommend this book. And I give it five stars.

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