Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cemetery Dance - Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Cemetery Dance
Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Copyright 2009
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 978-0-446-58029-8

Homicide Detective D'Agosta and FBI Agent Pendergast delve deep into the world of voodou and obeah, to the realm of the zombii in search of a killer, or killers, on the loose in upper Manhattan. A world where animal, and perhaps human, sacrifice, are well known.

Or is what appears to be reality, the real truth?

The twists and turns of fantasy and imagination keep this novel hopping from one foot to th other as you try to outguess the pro's in what will happen next!

Even the most die-hard of "who-dunnit" fans will find this one hard to solve!

I give this book...
...five stars and my...

...thumbs up award!

Not suitable for children under the age of 13.

***DISCLOSURE: This book was a private purchase and I was uder no obligation to review it.

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