Friday, August 5, 2011

The Kin - Peter Dickinson

The Kin
Peter Dickinson
Published by Penguin Group
Copyright 1998
ISBN 0-399-24022-5

A wonderful storyteller, Dickinson brings the dawn of human civilization to life!

A wonderful tale of a small group of talking individuals who survive numerous death-defying encounters, both with natural disaster and with other humans and animals!

It is also a tale of coming-of-age for these youngsters, at a time when they should still have had the freedom of childhood.

Reminscent of the Clan of the Cave Bear series, The Kin brings us details about post-Neanderthal man's life, and the imagination for us to view and feel it as well.

I couldn't put this one down!

I give it...

...five stars! And... Thumbs Up award!

***DISCLOSURE: This book was a private purchase and I was under no obligation to offer review.

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