Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Probably Nothing - Beach Conger, MD

IT'S PROBABLY NOTHING - More Adventures of a Vermont Country Doctor
Beach Conger, MD
copyright 2011 by Beach Conger, MD
Chelsea Green Publishing
Published on 30-percent postconsumer recycled paper.

I was enamored with this book! I found it lively and anecdotal.

As a retired nurse I was totally able to relate with Dr. Conger's stories of the amazing country folk of Vermont. [I have many tales of my own which I was able to relate to some of his characters!]

Through his relationship with his patients, to their every quirk and fancy, every ailment, and every imagined one, I felt that Conger made his charcters come to life! I felt by the end of each chapter that I knew the individuals of whom he wrote about! And that is so rare in today's authors.

To my amazement, Conger shares a wit and sense of humor that I was so in-tune with. I laughed and cried throughout the book. Loving every single chapter.

I am happy to give It's Probably Nothing by Beach Conger, MD...

...Five Stars! and...

...my Thumbs Up Award!

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