Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Plain and Fancy Christmas - Cynthia Keller

A Plain and Fancy Christmas
Cynthia Keller
Copyright 2011 by Cynthia Steckel
Ballantine Books - Random House, Inc.
ISBN 978-0-345-52875-9

When two baby girls are born in the same hospital, just two days apart, they are mixed up at the time their mother's were discharged for home. Each girl was raised in the home the other should have been raised in. Their destinies forever altered, each girl named Rachel, lived thirty years unknowing of the situation.

When a death bed confession brings light to the hidden secret of the mix -up, lives are once more altered.

What could have been a devastation forever changes who each woman thinks she really is.

This book brought laughter. And tears.

This was a read you simply did not want to set down!

I give this book a ...

...Five Star rating and ...

...my Thumbs Up Award!

I highly recommend this book for all teens and adults! A great book for a study group as well! Released today... don't miss it!

****DISCLOSURE:  This book was provided at no charge from the Amazon Vine program for independent, non-biased review.

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