Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Was Wrong - Jim Bakker

I Was Wrong
Jim Bakker
Copyright 1996 Jim Bakker
Thomas Nelson Publishing
ISBN 0-7852-7136-8

When Bakker was accused and convicted, back in the day, I was one of a few who actually believed in him. Even though my parents lost thousands of dollars to his PTL program and Heritage USA, where they purchased life-long memberships, to this day they continue to support him.

So, when my parents offered to loan me this book, I was eager to read it. Before cracking it open, I continued to stand behind the man who admitted openly his mistakes.

However, after reading Bakker's "I Was Wrong", I am left with the feeling I used to get when my children [who are all in their late twenties and into their mid-thirties now] used to confess to doing something wrong when they were little, just to tag on at the end a little "...but...." to the confession.

Oh, yes, Bakker admits to his many mistakes, but has to add to each confessive moment a little "but" whereby he actually transfers the blame to another.

Admitting your guilt in my eyes will show me what kind of a man or woman you really are. But dragging someone else into the blame game.... well it only demeans you to me.

Accept your faults, confess your errors, and then move forward. Forgive those who have erred against you, and leave it all in the past.

Unfortunately, coming to terms with your guilt should not include making a fistful of money by dragging names through the mud with your own.

I give this book...

...One Star and... Thumbs Down Award.

Don't waste your money on purchasing this book should you feel compelled to read it. Borrow it from your library. I recommend that you not waste your time in reading it altogether.

****DISCLOSURE: This book was a personal loan and was not under obligation for review.

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