Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lyon's Bride - The Chattan Curse - by Cathy Maxwell

Lyon's Bride - The Chattan Curse
by Cathy Maxwell
copyright 2012 by Catherine Maxwell
Avon Books
ISBN 978-0-06-207022-7

It's been a long while since I read a book purely for pleasure. Lyon's Bride is just such a book.

Like any good romance, Maxwell takes Lyon's Bride from tears to smiles, from dispair to ever lasting love.

When Lord Lyon meets up with an old childhood friend by chance, that old friend becomes so much more.

Widow Thea Martin is determined to raise her two sons to be more than their father, whatever it takes. Even if it means finding a bride for the man she really loves.

What ensues will bring you through more emotions than you could stir up with a stick!

Oh, and did I tell ya, there's an evil curse that has dictated the Lyon's for over 200 years? To fall in love, means death. Sooner rather than later.

Lyon's Bride is well worth the read! And will leave you panting for the next volume in the series! [Which won't be out till Fall 2012! I can't wait!!!]

I give Lyon's Bride The Chattan Curse ...
...Five Stars and... Thumbs Up!

****DISCLOSURE: This book was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for an independent and unbiased review.

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