Thursday, March 8, 2012

Skirmish at Pearisburg by George A. McLean, Jr.

Skirmish at Pearisburg
George A. McLean, Jr.
copyright 2012 by George A. McLean, Jr.
Blackwell Press, Lynchburg, VA
ISBN: 978-0-9830482-9-9

Having a strong love for all history close to my native home, here in Monroe County, West Virginia, I was terribly pleased when McLean offered to present me with a copy of his work on the Battle of Pearisburg, which took place in early May of 1862 in nearby Giles County, Virginia. And which members of the 22nd Virginia Infantry were engaged in. My great-grandfather, as well as several of his brothers were in this battle, which few ever learn of today. And so it was with great anticipation I awaited McLean's work.

I was not to be disappointed! McLean tells the facts, both sides, in both technical, and personal, manner. This brings the struggles and the battle to us in such a way that we can understand the "Why Pearisburg?", questions many would ask. [It wasn't until McLean's explanation that I took the time to look at a topographical map of the Peariburg/ Narrows area, and realized what a major coup this truly was for either side to win!]

One feels drawn, sympathetically, into both sides of this battle.  And the author certainly clears up a lot of local myth regarding the battle as well! [In West Virginia History in high school, we were taught that the Union were carried away for burial by the cartloads. Simply not so.]

I am highly impressed with McLean's work, and think that anyone with an interest in the battles of the Civil War, as well as Giles, Bland, and Tazewell Counties in Virginia historical interest, as well as neighboring Mercer, Raleigh and Monroe Counties in West Virginia , will find this book a treasure to read.

McLean writes concisely and to the point. Reflecting equally on both the Union and Confederate Armies. And touches on the lives of the battle's leaders after the Civil War. [Two future U.S. President's were involved in this battle, among other notorious Civil War heroes.]

I give this work....

...Five Stars and my Thumbs Up!

***DISCLOSURE: This book was a gift of the author, but was under no obligation for review.

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