Thursday, September 5, 2013

Books for Your Kindle for Free!

I am always being asked how I am able to afford so many books to read, both in print and digital. Let's face it...books are not cheap! Even digital books when written by popular authors can cost as much as the printed version!

But a while back, I received an invitation to visit Book Bub. And I signed up to receive their daily emails. And now I seldom ever pay full price for a digital book, and most often I get them absolutely free!
Book Bub is free to join. You simply type in your email address, and you will begin receiving daily offers from them. Each day you will get a wide variety of discount books [most $2.99 or less!] and a good selection of books that are absolutely free!
And this is how I get so many digital books, without ever spending a dime!
As for the print books?
We'll save that for another day!

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