Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pinning Your Family History (Kindle Edition) - Thomas MacEntee

Pinning Your Family History
Thomas MacEntee
Copyright 2013 Thomas MacEntee
Published 28 Aug 2013
What a great book of advice and information for those genealogists and family researchers who want to try a different way of sharing on the internet. Among the many ways to pin, Thomas lists the sites most popular at the time of the writing of the book. No excuse not to know how to pin your favorite family information!
I found the short book, only 30 pages, easy to read and understand, and I'm not the technology guru that MacEntee is!
I highly recommend Pinning Your Family History for anyone who wants to learn what pinning is, and how to do it. And especially for those who want to pin their family history, whether in photos or documents.
I give this book ...
...Five Stars and....
...a big Thumbs Up!
****DISCLOSURE: This book was a free download on and was under no obligation for review.

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