Monday, January 18, 2010

700 Sundays - by Billy Crystal

700 Sundays - By Billy Crystal
Grand Central Publishing (2006), Paperback, 192 pages

This is a wonderful tale from comedian Billy Crystal of his own growing up years of the '50's and '60's.

Losing his father at the early age of 15, Billy paints a picture of the saddened, boulder-burdened young man that he was. He tells of the loving, and always humourous, family that supported his desire to be whatever he wanted to be. Of his mother's sacrifice to keep the family together after the death of her husband. There's a brief glimpse of the celebrities that Billy grew up around; names that you will recognize and admire. Then there's the blow when his mother's time to depart came. And he was once more forced to bear the boulder's weight.

You'll laugh until cry. And then you'll laugh and cry, yet again.

I've always admired Billy Crystal's comedic talent, but his talent on paper is no less laughable and funny-bone-tickling! You can almost hear his unique voice with the Long Island accent pullng those punch lines! He's a rare talent indeed. Like some of the other reviewer's, the one fault I found in the book, ... it just wasn't long enough! I wanted to read more! ( )

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