Monday, January 18, 2010

Darwin's Radio - Greg Bear

Ballantine Books (2000), Edition: 7th THUS, Mass Market Paperback, 544 pages
ISBN: 0345435249

Darwin's Radio is a superb case of a writer doing thorough research to write a technologically advanced novel. Probably the best I've ever seen for fiction! However, the average individual, with only high school chemistry and biology would be lost within the first few pages of advanced bio-genetics and molecular biology! A more simplified truth may have captured an audience earlier rather than later, which is what this book does. The average individual will find themselves bored through the first half, but by the middle of the book the story is beginning to take shape. Unfortunately, the shape is easily recognized. An almost cookie-cutter-like storyline that one can easily predict the outcome of.

I praise Bear for his research, however, the story-telling was a bit lackluster for my personal taste. The premise, however, of another evolution in the future, makes for a great group discussion for book clubs!

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