Thursday, January 21, 2010

Come On People

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Hardcover: 265 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc. (2007)
Language: English

Well, I finally delved into this book, after reading the good, and the bad, reviews. I have to say that I am torn over how to respond!

First, let me say that I feel Cosby and Dr. Poussaint have the message correct! But it's totally mis-aimed at JUST the black community!

Come On People is misleading. If the book had been written to the American public at large, I would be parading up and down the street begging anyone and everyone who would, to read it! The message is fabulous! IF we negate that it was written to the black community!

Instead of saying, "Come On People", I wanted to yell out, "Come on Cos!"

Everything he wrote, and I do mean EVERYTHING, could have, and should have, been written to all people. And especially to the American nation!

While I am a caucasian American, I found this book harsh to the blacks! If I were black I'd beating down Cosby's door wanting an explanation as to why he decided to tear down the blacks of this country, rather than encourage and uplift them!

The book is filled with plain old GOOD commen sense, if we take out the "it's all the black man's fault" thrown in!

Cosby and Poussaint's figures are far from correct. A simple Google search proved them wrong on several statistics they quoted.

It was almost as if both Cosby and Poussaint were saying that they no longer wanted to be a part of their own race.

Usually a big fan of Cosby's common sense approach to the world at large, I cannot support this book, or it's message. I highly recommend that it is kept away from all young people. And I do mean ALL. White adoloscents will begin to think they are superior to blacks, and blacks will feel inferior in every way after reading this drivel!

Cosby, there are good and bad in every race. To denegrate your own race, well, you've just fallen off that list of respected American's I once held you on with high esteem.

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