Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On Their Own

On Their Own
by Joyce Hoffman
De Capo Press - 2008
ISBN: 978-0-306-81059-6

I purchased this book a few months ago, out of the bargain bin at one of our local stores. I was all set to relive the woman journalists experience of Vietnam! Excitedly I tore into the book immediately when I got home, only to find myself bogged down in the political drama of the 1950's and the McCarthy era.

It's now been nearly three months since I purchased the book, and I find myself totally unable to finish this dull and boring socio-political study of the Vietnam War!

I wanted first-hand knowledge of what these women went through. What they suffered. What they saw.

I want their experiences!

And so I've closed this book, unable to get more than a little over half-way through it.

Perhaps if Hoffman had written a little more about the actual female experience as a journalist in a war torn country, rather than the politics I would have been able to complete this.

I do give this one star for the great photos of the journalists. But overall, I give it my "thumbs down" award.

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