Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Devil's Feast - M.J. Carter

The Devils Feast
by M. J. Carter
Copyright © 2017 Orlando Books
G.P. Putnam's Sons publishers

This book has us travel back to 1842 London. (Already fell for it right there!) And back to another Blake and Avery novel! Fun!

You know that Carter will leave you on the edge of your seat! I tried to read it through in a single sitting, but had to put it down for some rest. But I hated to!

The Reform is London's newest gentleman's club, and a death there causes a "hush up".

Avery begins the mystery alone. But soon finds himself with some help to try to solve this "who dunnit".

Afraid I'll give away too much, let me say that if you're a Blake and Avery fan, you've got to read this one! And if you haven't read any of the novels, why not? Get started now. I am sure that you, too, will not want to put it down until you've devoured every page!

I give this book five stars.
A big thumbs up.
And my personal highly recommended award.
This book can be purchased here. It is available in Kindle reader, Hardback, and in audio.

****DISCLAIMER: This book was provided by Amazon Vine for review. The opinions above are solely those of this blog's author.

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