Sunday, February 6, 2011

Diet-Free For Life

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A Perigree Book
Penguin Group
ISBN 978-0-399-53636-6

I have been a long-time follower of Robert Ferguson, and have successfully lost over 100 pounds using his highly acclaimed Food Lover's Fat Loss system.

This work is not only a great recount of that plan, but also enhances what he originally put into it!

There are a ton of recipes for those who are new to follow his ideas, as well as great exercise routines that are designed for every level of a person's activity capability.

Bringing to life what this country truly needs, Robert Ferguson gives America a sense of responsibility for one's own physical condition and obesity. However, he kindly hands them the key to living forever diet-free in a manner that is so simplistic that anyone can follow it.

There are no complicated formulas to follow. There are NO DIET RESTRICTIONS! Yes, you truly can have your pizza and chocolate and soda! The key is in moderation and increased activity!

Pure common sense if you are open to common sense!

No miracle pill or plan is disclosed. However, followers of Robert Ferguson are well aware of the vast success his plan has brought, and are quick to inform you that his plan does indeed work!

I give this book my five star rating, and my thumbs up award!

****DISCLOSURE: This book was a private purchase for my personal library and is under no obligation to perform this review.

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  1. People who read the book "Diet-Free for Life" say that they found itvery easy and written in a very common sense kind of way. They are valso say that this book is motivational without being over-the-top. I think ı will purchase the book. I hope I enjoy it.
    Thanks for the article. It's very nice and informative.
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