Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Raw LIfe

The Raw Life
Becoming Natural in an Unnatural World
Paul Nison
343 Publishing Company
ISBN 0-967528-0-7

First off, let me begin with, I opened this book with no pre-conceived ideas of the Raw Diet. I was mildly intrigued, having read several blogs by individuals who were gradually immersing their dietary lifestyle into this phenom.

That said, I found the book utterly worthless.

The drivel which flows from Mr. Nison is of such utter nonsense that I am surprised anyone would even contemplate his lifestyle!

His premise that an individual can go raw was one which I might have pursued. It certainly intrigued me. However, his utter disregard for medical science astounds me!

Mr. Nison lumps medicine into that category of malpractice of the mind! He states such nonsense as going to see a doctor is inviting one self to get sick.

"All doctors and medicine are designed to make you sick."

While I can somewhat agree with the doctor who is in a general practice, in that they are trained to treat the symptom rather than the cause, that is not true of a homeopath.

Then, nutrition is basically set aside, as individuals are enlightened about "mono" fats and fruits and vegetables.

And the one that really set my teeth on edge???

Emaciated and skeletal are all part of the plan!  Nison even shows photographs of individuals who could easily appear as poster mascots for the holocaust!

I certainly cannot add my endorsement to this book in any way!

However, let me say this... the raw diet as I had perceived it, was one that would provide the individual with all necessary nutrients, yet in a raw, natural form. That being said, I am willing to seek out more information on that lifestyle.

I simply will not be following the advice of Mr. Nison.

My advice?

Don't waste your time, or your money, on this book.

****DISCLAIMER: This book was purchased for my personal library.

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