Saturday, February 5, 2011


Scot McKnight
The Ancient Practices Series
Thomas Nelson
ISBN 978-0-8499-0108-9

This is an insightful look into the ancient Christian act of fasting, and its implications on Christians today.

McKnight remains objective in the many reasons for use of the fast, including for health, religion and spirit. I found this book a delight to read, and was very thought provoking.

In the closing statements of the text, McKnight leaves us with this statement which, to me, was the "be all and know all" of the book:
"...instead, we will fast because we will sense God's response to the very conditions around us, and it will leads us to join in the good work of God. I suspect that we will discover that joining God is all we really wanted anyway."
Profoundness in simplicity.

I give this book
....four stars and....

... my thumbs up award!

****DISCLOSURE: This book was provided by BOOK SNEEZE in exchange for an honest review of the work.

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