Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Sugar Solution Cookbook

The Sugar Solution Cookbook
Ann Fittante, MS, RD
Julia Van Tine-Reichardt
Rodale Inc.
ISBN 13 978-1-59486-272-4

I have had this cookbook on my wish list for a long time, when suddenly it was gifted to me!!! I was ecstatic to get it!

I was thrilled to get to try out many of the recipes, and find how truly delicious it can be to rid one's body of the artificiality of processed sugar! Having gone that route several years ago, I had just about used up all of my recipes and was eager to find new ones. I was not disappointed!

Fittante guides us through living a life free of processed sugar, and gives us over 200 recipes to assist with a sugarless lifestyle, or for the diabetic.

The meals are superb! Your family will thoroughly enjoy these delicious dishes, and they are ones that you will be thrilled to serve to guests as well!

I did however find a flaw with every recipe I have tried so far [I've tried 14 of them to date]. Fittante lists all of the nutritional information with each prepared dish. However, when I compared the nutritional values she lists, with those on other well-known nutrition websites, it seems Fittante may have under estimated every value she has listed! From calories, to carbs, to fats, to protein, and mostly to sodium! On each of the recipes I reviewed, I copied the recipe and purchased the ingredients directly from the ingredients listed, followed the recipe meticulously, and then put in the recipe and ingredients and came out with higher values.

While this won't stop me from using the recipes, it will cause me to use other sources for the nutritional values.

Still, I do recommend this book.
I rate it three stars.

***Disclosure: This book was a gift and is independently reviewed.

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