Saturday, January 7, 2017

Simple Strategies for Stress Relief by Nathalie Thompson

Simple Strategies for Stress Relief
How to Reduce Anxiety, Regain Control of Your Life and Beat Stress the Easy Way
by Nathalie Thompson
a Kindle Book
© 2016 Nathalie Thompson
ISBN: 978-0-0048844-3-5 (ebook)

This is a well written, easy to read book available for Kindle. The author includes a free download of a second booklet Called Mind Shifting with the purchase of this book. There is also a free MP2 download of guided meditation if you are not versed in meditation.

Ms. Thompson covers such topics as What Causes Stress, her  Four Step Stress Reduction Process.  She covers what each stressor is: physical, psychological, environmental and social. And then she covers ways to work through, and beat, each one.

As a medical professional, I found the book covers each area adequately, yet speaks to the layman, without talking down to him.

I found the book quite helpful, and I give it Five Stars.

And a big Thumbs Up!

I also give it my Highly Recommended award for anyone who deals with stress routinely, and who doesn't?

The ebook is available for Kindle on here for $2.99.

DISCLAIMER:  This book was offered free on BookBub but was not subject to review. The above review offers the sole opinion of the author of this blog.


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