Monday, January 9, 2017

The Bully-Proof Workplace - Dean and Shepard

The Bully-Proof Workplace
Essential Strategies, Tips, and Scripts for Dealing with the Office Sociopath
Peter J. Dean, MS, PHD
Molly D. Shepard, MS, MSM
© 2017 by Dean and Shepard
ISBN 978-1-259-85966-3
McGraw-Hill Education

While I have never been bullied on a job, I have seen others. At those times, I was not in an authoritative position to step in and make a difference. And so I didn't. I wish, now, that I had this book under my belt way back then! I hope the powers that be make this subject mandatory for anyone seeking a degree in business management! It would make a HUGE difference in the workplace for so many!

The authors state that bullying in the workplace has become a crisis. This I can believe. You can't get on any of the social media sites and not see where someone is being bullied. Even for something as commonplace as bad grammar, their beliefs, their political stance, and so much more!

Especially in America, while a global problem, bully's are not having enough of a consequence to pay for their actions and words to inspire individuals to stop. And until action is taken against bullying in this country, we aren't going to see a change. (I saw on one media site where a 14-year old hung himself last week because he was bullied at school.)

First, we need to teach our children. Inspire them to ignore the bullying remarks. And how do we do this? We start off with the kind of parenting that builds up our children, and doesn't leave them vulnerable to bullying. A bully can't succeed unless we let him/her.

Beginning with what the crisis is, the authors of this book teach how to deal with bullies. First by standing up for yourself. Being able to identify the four kinds of bullies that there are: the Belier, the Blocker, the Braggart and the Brute. And finally, getting rid of them.

The authors then move on to seeking help if you are unable to defuse the situation on your own! Wise advice. 

They, the authors, move forward into how to make a bully-proof team in your office. Their instruction is geared more toward the managerial office person, but does go into working with your manager to make a bully-proof work place. 

And lastly, how to create a bully-proof workplace and keep it. Changes have to come to hiring and firing policies, so you may have to work from the bottom up, or the bottom down. And if you have no success in changing your workplace, what your choices are.

Again, I think this should be required reading in earning a managerial degree. 

I give this book Five Stars!

And a big Thumbs Up!

I also give this book my Highly Recommended Award!

DISCLAIMER: This book was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for a fair and non-biased review. The book is available on here. The cost is $15.99 for a Kindle  edition and $16.99 for a hardback book. And worth every penny. The opinions written above are solely the view of the author of this blog.


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