Friday, January 6, 2017

The Original White House Cookbook 1887 Edition

 The Original White House Cook 1887 Edition
Mrs. P.L Gillette and
Hugo Ziemann, Steward of the White House
Copyright © 1887 by P.L. Gillette
The 2003 Edition Published by Media Solution Services
Original Pubished by The Werner Company, Chicago, Illinois

As most readers of my reviews  know, I am an avid cookbook collector. Therefore, when I received some money for a Christmas gift this past Christmas, I ordered this beautiful book.

Hardback, it covers 46 different areas of cooking and etiquette for the time period. Beautifully written, one must be aware before purchasing that this is written just as it was in 1887.

So what does that mean for the modern cook? Well, it means, no temperatures are given (other than a "hot" oven, a"medium" oven, etc.) Measurements may be something as simple as a "a pinch", or a "dollop". So if you are planning on cooking any of the recipes and don't understand the measurements, you may wish to purchase a guide for conversions. has several when you perform a search, some as low as $3.99. Or you can get a free one here. (Simply copy, paste and print it off.) You can also google for conversions if you like (I [prefer this method.)

There are no photographs of meals, but there are of the White House dining rooms, and the First Ladies whose recipes are included. 

The book has gold impressed print on the front, and the paper edges are gold leafed. This makes a beautiful collectors piece. Or a gift for the cook you love!

I rate this wonderful old book with...

Five Stars...
and a big...

Thumbs Up!
I also give it my...
 Highly Recommended Award!

DISCLAIMER: This book was a private purchase and as such was under no obligation for review. The opinions listed above are solely those of the blog's author.

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